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WallSmiles™ About Us

Dental Wall Art for the dental office is difficult to find. When we first opened our dental office we looked for original dental wall art and pretty smiles for dental walls in our treatment rooms. We were only able to really find one company that sold dental wall art. We purchased the wall art, but quickly found that almost every practice that searches for dental wall art finds the same company for their dental pictures for the walls. In order to get original dental wall art, we started to take the after pictures of our own patients and place them on our dental walls to serve as gallery dental pictures. We started mounting the pictures on a black foam core called gator board, a sturdy contemporary mounting that kept the dental wall art lower cost.

Wall Smiles was developed to help other dentists find original dental wall art as an affordable option. A dentist can purchase wall smiles dental wall art knowing that every dentist in their city does not have the same pictures on their walls.

Photographic images are important in our every day lives. They have the ability to touch our emotions. A good image will capture our attention and create a desire for the product.

When a patient walks into our office we need to make the immediate impact that they are in the right place. As dentists, we can do that by putting pictures of people with great smiles having a good time throughout our office. It is important that the wall art is hip and contemporary indicating to the patients that the dental office is up to date in a quickly evolving field. The photographs encourage patients to ask questions about cosmetic dentistry and how you can improve their smiles.

Dentists know about the power of a great team. Wall Smiles understands this and has put together an exceptionally talented team including a hugely successful fashion and ad photographer, an amazing graphic designer and an experienced web designer. Our team of experts has the mission of providing dentists contemporary and high quality images for their offices.

Photographer: Jim Arbogast

Jim Arbogast is an international photographer specializing in advertising, lifestyle, fashion, sports.

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“Being a laboratory that has provided restorations for some of the top producing doctors in the country, the one thing they all have in common is terrific photography, both clinically and portraits. No one presents their results better than Drs. Jason & Colleen Olitsky. We encourage ALL of our clients, if you want to do more dentistry, take more photos and the Smile Stylist shows you how to make it easy!”
          -Rob Maatta, Gold Dust

“Great marketing pieces require great imagery and stock photos may have great models, but with unsatisfactory smiles for marketing what you do - - creating great smiles!!! Finally a stock photography site just for dentistry that is easy to use, has terrific content and allows a doctor to take their own images and have them professionally repurposed for high quality advertising.”
          -Jenn Robertson, Creative Consultant

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